e2 Program (grades 9-12)

The e2 program provides optimal conditions for independence and engagement.

Program overview


Lessons are short, providing frameworks and direction to students.

The majority of the work is done by students working individually or in small groups in the learning commons under the guidance of faculty. Students are able to use one another as resources and support throughout the day. Additional class time is devoted to discussion and reflection of the material studied. This makes the best use of today’s technology, encourages engagement and responsibility, and allows for flexibility and collaboration.


Connections to the real world are essential to engage high school students in their studies.

“Why is knowing this relevant?” “Why should they put in the effort to understand these concepts?” Preparation for future education and employment is a very esoteric rationale which makes sense to adults but not to all adolescents. Authentic experiences, actually being on location, participating in real work and interacting with passionate experts are much more immediate, powerful motivators for learning at this age. While not all parts of all courses can support authentic experiences, authenticity is a primary consideration in curriculum development in the e2 program. The location of our campus at Lansdowne becomes a hub of learning and the city is integrated into the delivery of the curriculum.


Courses are offered in a variety of formats.

Some are year long, such as the core subjects (math or French as a Second Language); some are semestered (Integrated Arts, Business). The content of a course and the needs of the students can be best met with this type of flexibility.


Download for each grade

The Characteristics and Needs of Senior Adolescents

The older adolescent seeks real opportunities for valorization; that is to feel capable of succeeding in life by their own merit. He or She is ready to be recognized for his or her unique and individual contribution to the world.

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