Beyond the Classroom

At The Element, ‘the extracurricular becomes curricular’, enriching our students’ rigorous curriculum, therefore preparing students for life.

The flexibility of the program, the guidance of faculty and the physical learning space allow students to pursue ‘extracurricular’ interests (art, music, debate, current events) as part of their academic work or as part of their typical day.

Student Testimonial

A.W.O.L. (Authentic World Of Learning)

The AWOL program provides students with real-world learning opportunities on Wednesday afternoon.

Grades 9 and 10

Students leave the school to take part in authentic activities in their community. In Grades 9 and 10, AWOL activities include community service work, visits to museums, galleries, or historic sites, field work or visits to post-secondary institutions. AWOL trips are related to students’ work in their specific courses. They extend student learning by exposing them to experts in their fields, real-world, complex problems, and their solutions, while also helping them to develop transferable skills. 


Grade 11

Winterim Trip

Grade 11 AWOL time is focussed on planning and executing an international community service trip, or Winterim Trip. With faculty guidance and support students are responsible for planning an international community service trip.  Students spend time understanding the benefits and draw backs of international community service to ensure that their trip has integrity.  They are responsible for planning all aspects of the trip from the travel arrangements, safety considerations and the itinerary all while being mindful of a budget.

Students are then responsible for doing some fundraising for the trip through various individually chosen fundraising events.

The third component of the AWOL program enables our students to undertake a local community service project that has personal meaning to them.

Grade 12

Praxis Project

Our Praxis Project is an interdisciplinary project that requires students to explore academically an issue of their choosing. It calls on students to connect various disciplines and guides them to an understanding of the subject matter beyond the recall of facts and completion of single-subject projects. Through consultations and workshops with professors from both Carleton and Ottawa Universities students are led through the process of writing an academic research paper. Students then choose a faculty advisor to support them with their subject matter. Student’s final papers are published in The Element’s Annual Praxis Journal.

Personal Financial Literacy

Students will be provided with the knowledge and skills to make effective and informed money management decisions.

Topics covered will include: Budgeting – Interest – Credit –Saving – Simple investing.

Leave Your Mark

Our senior students will be asked to leave their mark in some positive way of their choosing. The possibilities are open ended, and the mark should be personalized in some way.

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