Role of the Teacher

A faculty advisor is assigned to each student and will mentor the student through his or her time at The Element.

The advisor is there to liaise with all the other teachers, and provide the student with the degree of direction, restriction and freedom that will not only result in success but also in growth towards independent responsibility. Students meet with their advisors on a regular basis to discuss their success and also strategies to help them mitigate any challenges.

While multi-age grouping, independent work periods and the prepared environment are important tools; it is the faculty advisor who makes these methods truly meet the needs of the students.

Beyond the teacher’s critical role in the classroom, there is a larger network of people – fellow students, parents and community, who also impact the student’s school experience.

The Element High School seeks diversity in its enrolment, believing that a student benefits from learning with students of various backgrounds, learning styles and inherent abilities. The Element opens its doors to parents and the community, believing that everyone has something to share as well as something to learn.

Adolescents need adults to expose them to the possibilities of their lives. They need ideas and models. They need real-world applications of classroom learning. They need companionship along the way. The Element is committed to forging meaningful and productive relationships between the students, parent, school and community.

Teacher Testimonial