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We are a community of authentic individuals with a shared love of learning. At the Element, students receive engaging, relevant experiences. They are given free choice, within limits, and the opportunity to follow their passion, while ensuring they have the academic skills to pursue further academic studies. Our graduates are confident individuals, self-motivated lifelong learners, and creative thinkers ready to make unique, positive contributions to our world and shared future.

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The Element parent perspective

“Being at The Element has allowed my adolescent the opportunity to gain confidence and discover how they can grow and expand as a student, and make a unique contribution as a valued member of a school community.”
“The programs are diverse and support the children’s individual interests. The teachers are very creative and supportive in offering unique learning opportunities.”
“Rigorous academics and mentoring pass the parenting baton to trusted teachers who befriend/coach/mentor children into solid, grounded, self-aware and caring adults over the 7 years.”
“Our student’s learning, well-being and growth are prioritized. The approach requires active engagement by the student and teachers. No one is forgotten or ignored. The school’s success is tied to the student’s success which is a motivator for all.”