The Element Advantage

How de we teach differently?

What if students were in their element every day ?


When we are ‘in our element’ we are engaged, internally motivated, fulfilled and strive to do our best. This is the basis of a Montessori education.


Come to discover our unique way of learning!

Our high school is located at Lansdowne Park, in the heart of the Glebe neighbourhood.
Proximity to a dynamic and vibrant community gives our students access to a variety of resources such as public libraries, museums, government offices, etc. This encourages our students to look to the community to find resources while expanding their horizons and further developing their independence. Easy access by foot or public transport enables them to go out in the world to pursue their research or work in the community.

Our smaller numbers allow teachers to be available when needed. The Element mentorship program fosters independence while giving each student the support they require. This guarantees that each student has the amount of freedom they are able to handle responsibly.

Our program is designed to offer students relevant experiences, which truly engage them by allowing free choices and the opportunity to follow their passion while ensuring they will have the academic skills to pursue further academic studies. Students learn real life skills through programs such as cooking, entrepreneurship and community work.

Expanding horizons through travel opportunities allows our students to step out of their comfort zone and learn essential life skills. The school year begins with an Odyssey trip for the grade 7 and 8 students, an Urban Adventure in grades 9 and 10 and an International Community Service Trip, which is planned in grade 11 for grade 12.

At The Element, the flexibility of the program, the guidance of faculty and the physical learning space allow students to pursue ‘extracurricular’ interests (art, music, debate, current events) as part of their academic work or as part of the flow of their day.

Multi-Ages Class
Cooking Program
Outdoor Events and Visits