Virtual Ats - Music - Dance - Drama
Adolescents are highly expressive when provided a safe environment and professional mentors.

At The Element, a variety of arts are available to the students based on their interests – visual arts, music, drama, dance etc.

Experts are brought in to work with our students and provide them with tips and techniques to foster the development of their artistic talents.

The Element has an Art/Design Studio.


The interdisciplinary nature of The Element, as well as its flexibility, allows students to integrate the arts into their other courses.

Art clubs are run based on student interest.

In addition to participating in formal art workshops that complement a session, art is used to enhance math and sciences throughout the year. For examples, students will be asked to design and build an art piece inspired by 3D geometry or create a 3D cell model

Creativity is encouraged in all of the students’ work and many of their independent research projects incorporate an artistic  component.

Experience The Welcoming Atmosphere of The Element.

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