The Element High School.

Element students achieve excellence in Academics, Art, Athletics and Life.

Excellence is achieved in many realms at the Element

Our students achieve academic excellence and often surpass Ontario scholastic standards. 2/3 of Element students are Ontario Scholars, achieving 80% or higher in their top 6 grade 12 courses.

Element students compete in the NCSSAA (National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association) and OISAA (Ottawa Independent School Athletic Association) providing the opportunity to qualify for OFSAA.

Element students excel in a variety of creative expressions, including music and art. Element art students develop portfolios that equip them for successful applications to post-secondary art programs and institutions.

Life Skills
Element students learn academic and life skills that stay with them well past graduation. Skills such as accountability, resiliency, self-discipline, and critical thinking, which ensures they can navigate the life course they set successfully.

Meet some of our students who inspire us everyday


Meet Oliver, the creative mind with multiple offers from a variety of art programs, including OCAD University. Oliver adeptly balances his academic pursuits, athletic endeavours and passion for art and design. We’re sure he will make his mark in the creative world.

e1 Entrepreneurship

The e1 entrepreneurship class continues to impress! One of our small entrepreneurship businesses, Lip Lab, secured prime spots at the Ottawa Children’s Market, establishing a strong presence in the Ottawa entrepreneurship landscape. Through creativity, determination and sheer hard work, they’re bringing their dreams to life. Keep an eye on e1 – they’re making big moves!


Riley thrives in both academics and on the track. She never shies away from a challenge. Riley’s OFSAA qualifications proves that hard work truly pays off. She is making a positive impact both on and off the track, inspiring others along the way.


Meet Josha, a curious learner passionate about understanding the world around him. Josha has landed a part-time page position in the House of Commons – a highly competitive program accepting just 40 students nationwide. This fall, he starts his International Studies of Modern Language program at the University of Ottawa. Go Josha!

The Element Community

“We encourage students to find their unique path to success by engaging them in all aspects of their education.”
“My goal is to guide my students and to foster their curiosity in their learning.”
student studying
“The staff is exceptional and accepting of a variety of learning needs.”
class of students raising their hands
“If you want a child that develops a sense of critical thinking, then this is the place for you.”
student studying
“The Element is a truly unique school. The staff are wonderful; they are caring professionals who are clearly dedicated to their work and the students. The program is well designed and provides space for students to explore and expand their capabilities.”

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