Why The Element

Our goal is to provide activities and a prepared environment that will create focused engagement or flow for each adolescent student.

‘Flow’ is defined by Dr. Csiskszenmihalyi as “the optimum state for learning and well being”.

We are located in the vibrant Glebe community. There are a variety of learning commons rooms – spaces where lessons can be given to individuals, small groups or a larger class. There are quiet break-out rooms for groups or independent study, as well as a commercial kitchen

Parent Testimonial

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The transition from Grade 6 to Grade 7 represents a big change for our children at an important time of their lives. We thought our daughter would benefit significantly from smaller class sizes, a cohesive group of teachers, many of who get to progress with the children as they advance through their grades from 8 to 12 and a mix of independent and teacher-directed learning initiatives. The Element High School has delivered and surpassed our expectations in every regard.

Hans and Penny Schroeder, Parents of current Grade 8 student
The staff is exceptional and accepting of a variety of learning needs and provides an environment that is flexible enough to meet those needs. Their cooking program is by far one of the most essential skills all children should have an opportunity to experience. From meal planning, shopping, cooking and serving they are preparing themselves for the real world. Our daughter receives instructions in all areas of the curriculum but has the opportunity to plan and organize her work through independent work periods. It is this balance between structure and freedom that allows her to take charge of her learning and incorporate and apply her interests to the subject matter.

Patricia Reilly, Mother of current Grade 8 student