What We Offer

A.W.O.L. (Authentic World Of Learning)

Each Wednesday afternoon, students leave the school to take part in authentic activities in their community.

Grades 9 and 10

AWOL placements are related to students’ work in specific courses.
The objective is to extend student learning by exposing them to real-world, complex problems and their solutions, and helping them to develop transferable skills. AWOL includes activities such as community service work, visits to museums, galleries, historic sites, taking part in Take Our Kids to Work Day, field work, and visits to post-secondary institutions.

Grade 11 students

AWOL time will provide students with the experience of planning and executing an international community service trip as well as financial literacy through fundraising and individual employment. The third component of the AWOL program will enable our students to do a placement at a local business of their choosing or a community service project that has personal meaning to them.

Grade 12

Praxis Project

The praxis project is an interdisciplinary project that requires students to explore academically an issue of their choosing as it relates to an overarching philosophical question. It calls on students to connect various disciplines and guides them to an understanding of the subject matter beyond the recall of facts and completion of single-subject projects.  The project will incorporate the following skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, application, synthesis, creativity, and initiative. Additionally, it will require students to collaborate on a final project presentation. The project will be completed as part of the student’s course work as well as during AWOL time and make up part of The Element Diploma. Praxis essays will be published each year in The Element Praxis Journal.

Personal Financial Literacy 

Students will be provided with the knowledge and skills to make effective and informed money management decisions.  Topics covered will include: Budgeting – Interest – Credit – Saving – Simple investing.

Leave Your Mark

Our senior students will be asked to leave their mark in some positive way of their choosing.  The possibilities are open ended, and the mark should be personalized in some way.


Odyssey Trip


Urban Adventure

Urban Adventure Trip


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