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Modern Montessori Approach

When we are ‘in our element’, we are engaged, internally motivated, fulfilled and strive to do our best. This is the basis of a Montessori education. The Element high school provides conditions that put youth ‘in their element’, in school and beyond. 

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Interdisciplinary and Personally Meaningful Program

The adolescent has boundless energy but that energy is pulled in many, many directions. In order to tap into the adolescent’s energy and natural tendencies, it is imperative that the academic component of their experience be tuned to their needs and tendencies.

This curriculum builds throughout the year and incorporates opportunities for all academic disciplines and skills. Basic concepts are always related back to the adolescent’s experience of their own time and culture. The resources of the community are explored and choices made based on the requirements of the Ontario curriculum and the goal of helping the adolescent stand in their own space and know that they are there.

Adolescents are capable of mature thought if it is framed within a meaningful (to the adolescent) context. They are critical by nature. They wish to have opportunities to think for themselves and to be responsible, and yet they cannot be abandoned. They want their work and efforts to be meaningful. They need to be supported; they need to be challenged. The curriculum is based on personal experiences and integrates all subjects into a meaningful investigation in order to meet these needs and characteristics.

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Extra Curricular Activities