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Why Families choose The Element

Develop academic strength, creativity and life skills

Our students achieve personal development and academic strength through choice while learning essential life skills and fostering their creative freedom.

Thrive in a culture of innovation & curiosity

Traditional subjects taught in non-traditional ways. Our unique way of learning promotes self-discovery and exploration.

Learn in classrooms with & without walls

Learning shouldn’t be confined to the classroom. There is a world of knowledge beyond our walls.

Participate in a community of unique individuals

The community is our classroom. Connecting and engaging with the community in positive ways is integral to our culture.

Cultivate knowledge - share with peers

Open classrooms with open minds. Our learning spaces encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Achieve personal success and accountability

Students and advisors meet routinely to discuss progress and communicate with parents. Listen, learn, and adapt.

The Hallmarks of an Element Education

High teacher-student ratio

Individual support

Rigorous academics

Focus on student strengths

Independent learning

The Element is built on a foundation of Montessori principles and values

We are a community of authentic individuals with a shared love of learning. At the Element, students receive engaging, relevant experiences by allowing free choice, within limits, and the opportunity to follow their passion. All while ensuring they have the academic skills to pursue further academic studies. Our graduates are confident individuals, self-motivated lifelong learners, and creative thinkers ready to make unique, positive contributions to our world and shared future.

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The Element Community

“We encourage students to find their unique path to success by engaging them in all aspects of their education.”
“My goal is to guide my students and to foster their curiosity in their learning.”
student studying
“The staff is exceptional and accepting of a variety of learning needs.”
class of students raising their hands
“If you want a child that develops a sense of critical thinking, then this is the place for you.”
student studying

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