Application Process

Application Process

1. Introduction to The Element

Tour of the school and meeting with Director:
Please call 613-862-8578 to schedule a tour. If e-mail is preferable, please e-mail Sarah Wheeler at [email protected].

2. Submit Student Information

Provide the student’s 2 most recent report cards. If you feel this report card does not adequately represent your student, feel free to include an additional report card or your comments.

Fill out a Student Visit and Interest Form.

3. Student Visit Day

The Director of The Element High School will be in touch to arrange a date for your student to visit and shadow an Element student.
The student comes to The Element High School to experience ‘a day in the life…,’ class begins at 8:45 a.m.
Meeting with one of the faculty at the end of the day to have a discussion and debrief.

4. Apply to The Element High School

Return the Application Form (e1 or e2) with $200 deposit and Teacher Reference Form.

5. Offer of Admissions and Contract