Director’s Welcome

Welcome to The Element High School!

At The Element we believe that when we are ‘in our element’ we are engaged, internally motivated, fulfilled and strive to do our best. This is the basis of a Montessori education.

–  We provide an academically rigorous program that fosters curiosity in our students.

–  We believe education should be a preparation for life and should go beyond just meeting curriculum expectations.

–  We believe in providing our students with authentic learning that immerses them in both the school community and the real world that they will soon enter as adults.

–   We believe in the value of connections: connections with friends, classmates, and faculty.

–  We believe in providing an innovative program that is beyond the ordinary.

Our Ontario Certified Teachers go beyond the traditional role of teachers. Not only do they cover the curriculum content in an applied and engaging way, but they also serve as mentors and personal coaches to help our students understand their strengths and develop the personally relevant strategies to manage their work and access the content more deeply.

The Element’s e¹ program for grades 7 to 8 incorporates the developmental needs of adolescents and provides students with an educational program that supports and challenges them as they begin this new stage of their development. It provides accountability, challenging standards, opportunities for critical thought, the development of exemplary communication skills, opportunities for personal exploration, and creative challenges. It is aimed at enabling the adolescent’s growth in self-knowledge and confidence, responsible citizenship, and a connection with our larger community through purposeful work and study.

The Element’s e² program for grades 9 to 12 is designed to engage young people in their education and encourage the development of the high level academic and life skills necessary for post-secondary education and modern collaborative work environments. In addition to participation in a strong academic program leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Element students learn to:

  •  – manage their time;
  •  – engage in research and present their findings orally, graphically or in written form;
  •  – work independently and creatively;
  •  – lead as well as collaborate with others.

The e 2 program is aimed at enabling the older adolescent’s growth in self-knowledge and confidence, responsible citizenship, reputable ethics and a personal sense of mission in our world.

I encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our programs, however, there is no substitute for firsthand experience,  I therefore extend an invitation to come and see our programs and experience The Element for yourself.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person so please don’t hesitate to book a tour of our innovative school.

Sarah Wheeler,

Director, The Element High School

When we ask our students, ‘What is the advantage of being a Montessori student or graduate?’, the answer always includes words such as: ‘I love school’, ‘I love my teachers’, ‘ I get to choose my work’, ‘I can learn at a grade level or two ahead’. A Montessori student is motivated, self-directed, engaged, confident, empathetic and passionate about the world around them. Our students excel academically through teamwork and independent work.

OMS Montessori is the oldest Montessori school in Ottawa. We are the only accredited English, francophone and bilingual Montessori school in the area. Our students flourish in a rich Montessori environment located in a unique facility, under the trees of a natural award-winning playground in the centre of our nation’s capital.

I welcome you to visit us to learn more about our nationally accredited Montessori School and how we can help your child experience the Montessori advantage.

Carrie Whalen
Head of School