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High School Education that Inspires, Engages and Develops Potential in Students!

While many middle and high school students struggle to find relevance in a world of textbooks, homework and tests, students at The Element High School find their connection in real life experiences. The Element, located in Lansdowne Park, opened in 2015 and serves students in grades 7 through 12. It is an extension of parent […]


Harvesting for the Ottawa Food Bank

At the end April, students from The Element took the city bus to the Ottawa Food Bank to volunteer in their warehouse for the afternoon. Jason, the Food Bank’s Community Harvest Co-ordinator, showed the students how to cut potatoes into “seeds” that can be planted. Some students sorted potatoes into crates based on their size, while […]


The Element “Cleans The Capital”

It takes a glass bottle one million years to decompose students learned at OMS Montessori on Earth Day. Students at The Element High School, an extension of OMS Montessori, led an Earth Day assembly at the Alta Vista campus, where they told the younger students that it also takes plastic bottles 450 years, an aluminum […]


Shepherds of Good Hope Soup Kitchen

              Students were asked to plan a community service project related to food security in Ottawa. Students brainstormed various options and decided to utilize some of the kitchen skills they have learned in our Cooking Program by preparing food for a soup kitchen. At Shepherds of Good Hope, students […]


Black’s Family Farm

          Again this year, Grade 7, 8 and 9 students visited Black’s Family Farm in Stittsville to help produce food for the Ottawa Food Bank’s Community Harvest Program. Students spent the day harvesting carrots and beets while enjoying the outdoors. The Element students’ efforts directly contribute to the Ottawa Food Bank’s […]