Does Maria Montessori not believe in the use of technology?

While it is true that technology looked very different when Maria Montessori developed her curriculum, Montessori believed that education should be an aid to life. Technology is a part of our world today and therefore should not be overlooked in our adolescents’ learning. Technology is a tool that is an aid to life when used properly.

Our approach to technology at The Element is based on the TPAK Model (Mishra and Koehler (2006) and is centred on constructing creative links between what is being learned (content), how it is taught (pedagogy), and the appropriate tools that are used in the classroom (technology).

At The Element, we make conscious decisions about when and where technology is useful and effective and how it is incorporated into our programs. We provide our students with instruction on how to make effective use of technology and the skills involved (critical thinking, validating sources). Technology is not used to the exclusion of handwritten work, books, and primary source materials.