The arts

The Arts

The arts are a critical venue for adolescents to process their experiences and development. Adolescents are highly expressive when provided a safe environment and professional mentors.

In the e2 program, students have a number of ways to participate in the arts. They can take a credit course in integrated art studies or media arts, be exposed to the arts through the interdisciplinary assignments of other courses or use The Element facilities to explore the arts without the directed intent of a course.

The Element has a dedicated Art/Design Studio. Guest artists are an important component of the program as young people respond to adults who are passionate about their work. AWOL in grade 11 enables those students who have a passion or interest in the arts to be able to go out into the community to work alongside artists in their studios. A faculty member works with students to find appropriate mentors.

Beyond grade 9, students have a choice of art elective courses. These courses will be offered different years based on student interest. Most of the art courses do not have prerequisites which means that students may take them as they are offered rather than by grade.