The academic subjects

The academics

The Element High School is a Montessori High School that meets and exceeds the Ontario curriculum. The e2 program provides optimal conditions for independence and engagement. Meetings with the student’s advisor throughout the year provide consistent support and opportunities for self-reflection and skill development. Together, students and advisor set goals and monitor progress.

The Element High School students participate in regular student governance meetings to address broad school topics of organization, expectations and discipline.

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At The Element High School, some of our courses are semestered and others run as full year courses. Many of the core courses lend themselves better to the frequent and ongoing format that a full year course provides. Other courses lend themselves better to a more concentrated study that enables our students to undertake more focussed and in-depth work. This also enables us to make use of professionals who work in the field and who are thereby able to provide our students with a deeper and more applied exploration of the content.