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Relay Event at Mooney’s Bay

Congratulations to the many students who participated at last Monday’s relay meet at the Terry Fox Athletic Centre at Mooney’s Bay. Teams of four participated in relay races between 80-800 meters. Fifteen Element students attended the meet and were very successful in their races.  The girls teams won the 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay and the mixed […]


Helping younger students

  A few students from a Lower Elementary class sought The Element’s help: After doing a project on the First Nations, the Lower Elementary students wanted to bake bannock, a traditional flat bread. A couple students from The Element were up for the mission and used a recipe to assist the Lower Elementary students in […]


Meet Harvey, The Class Pet

While students did math today, they were watched by an adorable furry friend, Harvey. Harvey is a student’s family dog but becomes The Element’s class pet on Fridays. He is extremely well behaved and is a welcomed addition by all the students and staff! Some universities and colleges have started incorporating dogs into their counseling […]



Grade 9 students at The Element recently completed a project on electricity. Students were responsible for creating an electrical device and then analyzing the voltage, current, resistance and power of the components. The different devices created by the students include: A solar powered iPhone charger, a model house with fan, lights and doorbell and an […]


Lunch at The Element

As the Communications Coordinator, my office is situated beside The Element. This is a wonderful thing for many reasons— I can constantly hear the sounds of energetic adolescents with a contagious energy, I get to see projects I wish I had completed in High School, and I get to use my nose as an alarm […]


Physics/Engineering Unit

In the physics/engineering unit, Grade 7 and 8 students studied bridges to learn key engineering and physics principles. They investigated the different types of bridges, forces, structural shapes, and materials by completing modules and lab experiments. On “Challenge Day” students brought a bridge they had constructed using what they had learned in the course. The […]


Farming for the Food Bank’s Community Harvest Program

Element Grade 7 to 9 students spent the day at Black’s family farm in Stittsville planting food for the Ottawa Food Bank’s Community Harvest Program. Students helped with soil preparation and planted potatoes. Students will visit again this Spring and then again in the Fall to help weed and harvest. The Element students’ efforts directly […]


Microeconomies Unleashed

The student run businesses of The Element have been hard at work organizing dinners, creating crafts, growing sprouts, selling smoothies, popping corn and baking. Above are a series of pictures from several of the events. The craft group selling their cards. Capitalizing on the spring planting season. Smoothies are popular with students on Fridays. Preparing […]


Geometry and Art

Grade 7 students were asked to design and build an art project inspired by 3D geometry. A variety of shapes, including dodecahedrons, icosahedrons and octahedrons, were incorporated into the designs. After creating their geometric art, students used their math skills to determine the surface area and volume of their projects.


Students’ papers presented at a Boreal Leadership Council meeting in Toronto

By: Elizabeth Beesley, teacher at The Element When we embarked on The Element Odyssey Trip this past fall, we made the transition from classroom books and pencils to canoe paddles and tents. However, from a science perspective we also made a fascinating ecological transition; we traveled from Ottawa’s Temperate Forest Biome to the grand Boreal […]