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e1 – Final City Studies

On the last week of school, the e1 students finished off their City Studies by enjoying a haunted walk on Monday of the old county jail. On Tuesday, they took advantage of the great summer weather and went to Mooney’s Bay for a swim and volleyball game!            


e1 – Humanities City Studies

On Monday we enjoyed a tour at the Canadian Royal Mint where students saw how collector coins are made and discovered just how heavy a gold bar actually is!  On Tuesday we toured the Ottawa Humane Society where students enjoyed cuddles with cats, rabbits and an adorable dog named Rosie. Our week ended with a […]


e2 – Phys. Ed.

Both the e1 and e2 physical education classes took part in a baseball demo run by Capital City Baseball Academy. Students had a blast learning about the basics of the sport through a series of drills!


e1 – Entrepreneurship

e1 students presented their Google Innovation projects last week. Students had a variety of interesting and unique projects or skills to showcase to the class!


e2 – English

Students facilitating their own individual literary seminars to cap off their novel study unit. A slew of interesting discussions arose from each presentation as each student showcased a disciplined approach to their academic discourse!


The Eco Team

Our hydroponics tower has finally arrived from Parkdale Food Center and can be seen brightly glowing in our lobby! The Eco Team were busy helping to set up the tower, get the seedlings potted and balance the pH of the plant water. All seems to be in working order and we are on track to […]


e2 – Business

Students in Grade 9 Business took part in a guest speaker presentation on small business operation. Our guest speakers Naj Peterson (co-owner of Stomping Ground) and Aaron Cayer (co-owner of Birling) spoke about the successes and challenges they’ve encountered through owning and operating their own respective local retail businesses. Students learned about branding, competing with […]


e2 – Francais

Last week, students visited La Cathédrale Notre-Dame d’Ottawa as part of e2 French class. Its gothic/neo-gothic architecture is quite something!


e2 – Sustainable Agriculture

e2 students visited the Agriculture Museum to take part in an “Agriculture and the Environment” workshop. The students got to meet a variety of animals while also learning about the impacts farming can have on the natural environment. Their discussions about sustainable agriculture complemented their study of Ecology in Science and Liveable Communities in Geography.


e1 – Humanities

To help further explore our City Study in Humanities, students heard from local Councillor David Chernushenko about his involvement in past, current and upcoming local projects that will help to make the Capital City Ward a healthier community. Mr. Chernushenko has a strong passion for sustainable development which he shared with the students!