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Equipping every student to achieve their full potential

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Creating the focused engagement that naturally leads to personal excellence.

When we are in our element

We are engaged, internally motivated, fulfilled and strive to do our best
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Unique Attributes

Rigorous Curriculum

The Ontario Curriculum is often exceeded and there is a...

Dedicated Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor is assigned to each student and will mentor the…

Multi-ages class

A class of multi-ages can be set up to operate on the…

International trip

As part of the Grade 11 and 12 programs, students will gain…

Outdoor events and visits

Each Wednesday afternoon, students leave the school...

Culinary program

Students are responsible for planning a meal...

An exciting place to learn located in The Glebe


"I would highly recommend the element to any parent who is looking to invest in their child, because I think that investing in your child's education is one of the best things that you can do for them. And I think the small class sizes, the student-to-teacher ratio, the different activities that are offered here, the positive energy, the camaraderie between the students and staff, and the way that the teachers communicate to parents, is also really helpful and wonderful."
Alexandra Smith Parent of Two Students at The Element
"The staff is exceptional and accepting of a variety of learning needs and provides an environment that is flexible enough to meet those needs. Their cooking program is by far one of the most essential skills all children should have an opportunity to experience. From meal planning, shopping, cooking and serving they are preparing themselves for the real world. Our daughter receives instructions in all areas of the curriculum but has the opportunity to plan and organize her work through independent work periods. It is this balance between structure and freedom that allows her to take charge of her learning and incorporate and apply her interests to the subject matter."
Patricia Reilly Parent of The Element Student
"If you want a child that develops a sense of critical thinking, of understanding that that their education is their own responsibility, that they become self-motivated, that they understand their individuality and understand that through their individuality, they have to develop themselves and evolve, then this is the place for you."
Adolfo Parent of Grade 8 Student
"I've been seeing my son thrive at The Element. You know, it’s something I wish I had as a teenager. I know I got bored just sitting in desks - where you can't do anything except for what was given to you. So I think I would absolutely recommend The Element to any parent or student who wants an environment where you're open to thrive."
Jacob Parent of Grade 8 Student