Sara Wilcock


About Me

Sara Wilcock is an Ontario Certified Teacher who attended the Queen’s-Trent Concurrent Education program. She graduated in 2014 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History, and a Bachelor of Education. Sara’s love of teaching was first sparked while running children’s literacy camps in First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. There, she learned the importance of building strong relationships with learners and of making connections between curriculum and ‘real life.’ She has taught on an isolated reserve of 300 people in British Columbia and in bustling London, England as well as in both private and public schools here in Ottawa. Sara has a Math Specialist and is most passionate about creating learning experiences that inspire wonder and excitement in her students. Sara loves adventures like white-water rafting, hiking and eating delicious foods in new places. Most of all, Sara enjoys spending time with her loved ones, especially her husband and her dog Henry.