Myles Peterson

e2 Faculty (Math and Science)

About Me

Myles completed the concurrent education program at Lakehead University in 2013. He graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education with Math and Science as his teachables for intermediate and senior students. Immediately after graduating, Myles was employed in England, where he remained for several years teaching and travelling throughout much of Europe. His experiences thus far have left him with a pragmatic and contemporary viewpoint on education, thereby driving him to make his student’s experiences at school as beneficial and dynamic as possible. A self-proclaimed “jack-of-all-trades”, Myles has enjoyed a number of hobbies and interests, ranging from various athletic endeavours in multiple sports to playing piano and exploring various facets of the culinary world as well. He enjoys fostering this “zest for life” mentality in his students as they make their way through adolescence.