Genevieve Bisson

About Me

Genevieve obtained her Bachelors in Psychology and her Bachelors in Education from the University of Ottawa. She is currently taking her masters in Transformational Leadership. She has recently returned from working for 5 years in the Philippines. During that period of time she worked for a virtual world for kids and co-founded an NGO called Pandoo Foundation. Her mission to empower through the means of education led her to create many projects which included a community center, a mobile library named Beep Beep Books, a volleyball league for girls, teacher training to name a few.

An avid explorer she traveled to 55 countries, taught in 7 and lead educational workshops in many.One of her most memorable adventures was her world trip with the Peace Boat a japaneese NGO that promotes peace building all over the world. Outside of teaching Genevieve enjoys snowboarding, hockey, tennis, yoga, reading and trying to play the ukulele.