France Dulude

About Me

Interim Head of Schools

After graduating in History of Religions at Ottawa University, France obtained a position as a Casa assistant at the Aylmer Montessori School. What was supposed to be a one-year job to save enough money to travel became a lifelong passion. Assisting in a Montessori Casa class for two years confirmed that France wanted to pursue the Montessori Training.

France has been at OMS Montessori since 1987 and has worked as a Casa Directress, a Resource Teacher, a Facilitator and the Director of the Francophone program. Over the years, she served on various committees of the school such as the Hiring, Finance, Bursary and Social. In June 2018, France became Interim Head of Schools.
France is passionate about education and truly believes that the Montessori approach is the best pedagogy to educate students. She is proud to have contributed to the success of OMS Montessori/The Element High School for over thirty years.