Core Values

Core Values

Academic Curiosity and Rigour

Our faculty work to inspire our students to be academically curious, that is to inspire a thirst for knowledge. When we are interested and engaged, expectations become extraneous as the desire to learn drives us and often leads to expectations being surpassed.
“Curiosity is the engine of achievement”
- Sir Ken Robinson

Education as a Preparation for Life

Education is more than subject content knowledge. It is about preparing our students to be 21 century learners with the skills and tools to help them be successful in a rapidly changing world.
“Montessori is an education for independence; preparing not just for school, but for life”
-Maria Montessori

Authentic Learning

While our programs are academically rigorous, student work is focused on authentic and relevant experiences that immerses them in the real world. Individual choice is an important aspect of making learning authentic and is incorporated into our programming.


Peers provide friendship, support and the opportunity for collaboration. Our faculty go beyond the role of traditional teacher and serve as mentors and advisors to our students. Parents are viewed as partners in their child’s education and we value a team approach to supporting our students. Our students connect with our local community through purposeful work and study.


We strive to be beyond the ordinary: from our dynamic physical space, the community as our campus and our delivery of curriculum content, we strive to be different, creative and innovative and to foster the same in our students.