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High School Education that Inspires, Engages and Develops Potential in Students!

While many middle and high school students struggle to find relevance in a world of textbooks, homework and tests, students at The Element High School find their connection in real life experiences. The Element, located in Lansdowne Park, opened in 2015 and serves students in grades 7 through 12. It is an extension of parent […]


Growing Together Gala


Relay Event at Mooney’s Bay

Congratulations to the many students who participated at last Monday’s relay meet at the Terry Fox Athletic Centre at Mooney’s Bay. Teams of four participated in relay races between 80-800 meters. Fifteen Element students attended the meet and were very successful in their races.  The girls teams won the 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay and the mixed […]


Helping younger students

  A few students from a Lower Elementary class sought The Element’s help: After doing a project on the First Nations, the Lower Elementary students wanted to bake bannock, a traditional flat bread. A couple students from The Element were up for the mission and used a recipe to assist the Lower Elementary students in […]