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The Element Volleyball Practises

Many students at The Element are passionate about volleyball and as a result, they have chosen to practise their volleyball skills for the majority of the school year. Currently, students are practising once a week before school at the OMS gym. After the holiday break, students will start practising twice a week. Students will also […]


Badminton Expert

As part of our current six-week badminton unit for Physical Education, Kenny Yuen, the Head Coach for the University of Ottawa Badminton Team and practising athlete sponsored by Adidas, came to teach our students some of the technical aspects of the sport. He showed the students how to do a drop shot, a forehand drive and the serving technique used by […]


Ultimate Frisbee Clinic

              As part of our current ultimate frisbee unit for Physical Education, students participated in a two-part ultimate frisbee clinic run by two University of Ottawa students. One of the leaders, Alyssa, has been playing ultimate for 6 years. She typically plays more of a cutting (receiving) role, as her height […]


Pumpkin Run

                            Our Grade 7 and 8 students participated in the Pumpkin Run on Thursday, October 8th. The Pumpkin Run, an Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association cross country running meet, is a non-competitive event that supports help and happiness. Students ran between 2.5 […]


The Girls Volleyball Team

The girls’ volleyball team participated in an OISAA volleyball league during February and March. The league concluded with a full day playoff tournament in April. The girls practised before school regularly with coach Kyle Acres and their dedication and hard work paid off – The team finished third place in the league and fourth place […]


Volleyball league

The OMS girls volleyball team played against McDonald-Cartier Academy (MCA) last week and won the game after only two sets. The team is competing in the Ottawa Independent School Athletic Association (OISAA) league and will play against 5 other teams before playoffs. The playoffs will be a tournament at Turnbull on April 2nd. OMS will […]