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Pottery and Chemistry

The grade 9 students visited Hintonburg Pottery twice in November to learn about pottery and chemistry. During the sessions, the students created a piece of pottery and then examined the chemistry behind the pottery. This field trip was planned to reinforce lessons on physical and chemical properties, the periodic table, ionic and covalent bonding and […]


Rocks and Minerals Workshop

  As a conclusion to a unit on Physical Geography in the grade 9 Canadian geography course, students participated in a workshop led by Earth Sciences educators from Carleton University (Beth and Erin).¬†The geologists brought in a variety of rocks and minerals, including some that contained fossils. Students examined them with a hand lens (a […]


Simple Machines Unit

            In science, students recently followed the engineering and design process to build and test a machine or gadget of their own creation. The process involved creating detailed orthographic drawings, creating a detailed procedure and materials list, learning the skills to cut and assemble their own materials, building and testing […]