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Micro-Economies Craft Fair

                                                    During the second last week of school before the holidays, the micro-economies held a “Holiday Bazaar” to sell the goods they made over the fall term. They marketed the […]


What about the ice cream?

                                        The first student run spaghetti dinner of the year was a huge success– even though there was no ice cream to accompany the delicious pies being served. The students had planned to have ice cream […]


Business at The Element

Why work at Tim Horton’s all summer when you can get money from the government of Ontario to use towards the business of your choice? This is the question students were asked last week when Nader, founder of Young Stars Soccer Academy, a not-for-profit organization offering elite soccer training for beginners, visited the business class at The Element. […]


Micro-Economies Profit: $2400

The students were responsible for creating and running a business in groups of 4-7, and as the year comes to a close, The Element micro-economies have over $2400 profit to show for their hard work. The students had the choice of what they would like to do with this profit.  They decided the money would […]


Spaghetti Dinner

A micro-economy group invited parents and students to a pizza dinner on Thursday, May 29. The events group put together the homemade pizza dinner entirely on their own and transformed their classroom into a restaurant. The Italian dish was served with salad and orangina with homemade pie for dessert. While the turnout was smaller than […]