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Microeconomies Unleashed

The student run businesses of The Element have been hard at work organizing dinners, creating crafts, growing sprouts, selling smoothies, popping corn and baking. Above are a series of pictures from several of the events. The craft group selling their cards. Capitalizing on the spring planting season. Smoothies are popular with students on Fridays. Preparing […]


Geometry and Art

Grade 7 students were asked to design and build an art project inspired by 3D geometry. A variety of shapes, including dodecahedrons, icosahedrons and octahedrons, were incorporated into the designs. After creating their geometric art, students used their math skills to determine the surface area and volume of their projects.


Students’ papers presented at a Boreal Leadership Council meeting in Toronto

By: Elizabeth Beesley, teacher at The Element When we embarked on The Element Odyssey Trip this past fall, we made the transition from classroom books and pencils to canoe paddles and tents. However, from a science perspective we also made a fascinating ecological transition; we traveled from Ottawa’s Temperate Forest Biome to the grand Boreal […]


Le Nez

        Students of The Element performed the play “Le Nez” last week as a culmination to a five week drama session. In addition to learning their role, students  were responsible for all aspects of the play including set design, props, sound and lighting, hair and make-up and the program. The play was […]


The Element is all business

              As a part of the micro-economies program in The Element, students tested the viability of their businesses with a pre-holiday sale. The student businesses included two baking companies, a smoothie company, gourmet popcorn and crafts company. Sales were brisk and company supplies were quickly diminished.


Guitar Performance

      Every Monday since September many Element students have been learning guitar with Ben Russell who is a part of the group Bluestone. Months of hard work culminated yesterday in a performance for the Upper Elementary students. The Element students performed songs from a variety of artists including Neil Young, Goyte and John […]


Asian Ink Art

              As a part of our session on Asia, students in The Element have been developing their artistic skills in a three part workshop by SauLan Mo, a local artist. SauLan is teaching the students Asian Ink Painting. The final session of this workshop was completed on December 6th […]


Giving Students Ownership Over Science Labs

Science labs found in textbooks and used in schools are often presented like recipes where students follow a series of steps leading to a final product. The problem with simply following a procedure is that it doesn’t require students to think critically as they complete the lab. A simple method to improve student engagement and […]


The Element competes at the OISAA Volleyball Tournament

  The girls volleyball team travelled to Turnbull School to compete in the OISAA volleyball tournament on Thursday, November 28th. This was the first opportunity for the girls to play against an opponent. They lost their first match against Ashbury,  but served much better during the second match and won both sets against the host […]


Pumpkin Run

OMS Montessori was represented by 90 enthusiastic students at the OISAA  cross-country Pumpkin Run on Tuesday. Our Upper Elementary and Element students participated in a 1.5- 3 kilometre run, depending on their age. All of our students completed their age-category run, and some even participated in older age categories as well! The students have been […]