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Craft Fair

As a part of the Entrepreneurship program, The Element students sold their products at the Shop your Local Talent Christmas Craft Show in Old Ottawa South. Their products consisted of baked goods, jams, wooden toys, jewellery, scented candles and objects created on their 3D printer. Their table was constantly surrounded by potential customers and our […]


Real life problem solving

One of this year’s businesses in our Entrepreneurship Program is ‘Jewelry Making’. However, before jewelry could be produced, appropriate materials needed to be sourced by our students. To this end, the students in the jewelry group found a bead store in downtown Ottawa and planned an excursion, by public transportation, to visit the shop. The trip […]


The Entrepreneurship Program

              The Entrepreneurship Program is underway with six different businesses being developed. Of the six businesses, half of them were established last year and the other half are pursuing new ventures. The established businesses include woodworking, canning and baking while the new businesses are 3D printing, candles and jewelry. […]



Micro-economies has changed its name to Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, which is defined as “ the process of starting a business or other organization,” does a better job of describing what is happening in class. As we begin 2015, students are in the process of ‘closing the books’ on 2014 and are completing cash flow statements, repaying […]