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Knife Skills Workshop

Students in grades 7 and 8 had the opportunity to learn from three professional chefs from Local Public Eatery. The chefs introduced some basic knife skills and then split the students into three groups. Each group practiced using knives safely and effectively as they cut tomatoes, cilantro, and onions to make salsa. Each group then […]


Cooking Program at The Element

Shortly after the students returned from their Odyssey trip, the cooking program at The Element began. The goal of our cooking program is to develop the students’ ability to plan meals and cook using nutritious, delicious, and whole foods. Before students began cooking lunches for the whole class, they participated in a few teacher-led workshops to […]


Calculating our Lunch Footprint

                                      Three times a week students at The Element cook hot lunches as a part of the Cooking Program. Assigned students are responsible for grocery shopping each week and students experience a variety of food. Grade 8 and […]


Beyond the Food Guide

                              Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be fun! Rebecca Noseworthy, a food-based Registered Dietitian located in Newfoundland, Skpyed students at The Element to kick-start the classes Cooking Program. Rebecca led the class through a nutrition […]