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Simple machine unit

                                    As part of our simple machines unit, students listened to a presentation by expert Paul Cooper on orthographic (2D technical) drawings.  Through the engineering design process, each student has come up with an idea for a machine […]


Calculating our Lunch Footprint

                                      Three times a week students at The Element cook hot lunches as a part of the Cooking Program. Assigned students are responsible for grocery shopping each week and students experience a variety of food. Grade 8 and […]


Human Development

Students at The Element have started the Human Development Session in their Humanities class. In this session students learn about human development from conception to adolescents to help the students gain an understanding of who they are and why their bodies are changing as they are. An examination, reflection and discussion on personal values, social responsibility […]


City Study: Question Period at The House of Commons

What does a city need to function? This is the question students set out to explore in their final Humanities session for this year. To answer this abstract question, students were asked to plan a trip into the city to observe a function of Ottawa. The goal of the session was to explore what we […]