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Geography and Mapping

As part of our unit on Mapping, students put together giant tiled maps of Canada this week and used them to practice finding locations using longitude and latitude. They also used the map scale to measure the distance between different locations. Next, students will be using Google Maps to create their own maps of capital […]


Media Arts – Exploring Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei

This week, students learned about the fascinating work of contemporary Chinese artist, Ai Wei Wei. They then had the opportunity to select a media artist of their choice and create a dynamic, multi-media presentation on the artist’s body of work. They also delved further into the world of “aura” creation. Each student got a chance […]


Literary Seminar: Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker

“There’s a place the slaves been whisperin’ around called Canada. The law don’t allow no slavery there. They say you follow the North Star, and when you step onto this land you are free…”   E1 students are currently reading the novel Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker. Students are given questions to guide their […]


Literature (e1) and English (e2) at The Element

e1 Literature Program The Literature program in e1 allows students to read and consider the deeper meaning behind a variety of texts. Each week, students meet in a seminar to discuss their interpretations of their reading and their answers to assigned reading response questions. Students are also asked to develop their own questions for discussion, […]


Science and engineering workshop

Last week, The Element hosted students from OMS Montessori, Parkdale Montessori and Glebe Montessori at their campus for an afternoon. After a brief presentation on their Odyssey trip, students at The Element prepared a spaghetti dinner for their guests to enjoy.             Students mingled with each other over lunch, before heading out […]


Plate tectonics and the rock cycle

Our grade 9 students had to ‘dig deep’ in the Earth Gallery exhibit at the Museum of Nature to complete an engaging scavenger hunt on plate tectonics and the rock cycle. The field trip was planned as a part of the grade 9 Mapping and Physical Geography unit. Students were responsible for finding and recording relevant information in the […]


New France Museum Exhibits

            In Humanities, e1 students are currently exploring Canadian history from the early explorers to Confederation. As part of this study, students were required to look at what life was like in the French Colony of New France and then in small groups, students presented their findings in the form of a […]


Model UN General Assembly

Students recently participated in a model United Nations (UN) General Assembly. As a part of this project, students, in small groups, were asked to choose a country to represent at a model UN General Assembly debate. Students needed to decide on a challenge that their country was facing and research the causes and history of […]


Simple Machines Unit

            In science, students recently followed the engineering and design process to build and test a machine or gadget of their own creation. The process involved creating detailed orthographic drawings, creating a detailed procedure and materials list, learning the skills to cut and assemble their own materials, building and testing […]


Paul Dewar Speaks Foreign Affairs

                            Paul Dewar, MP of Ottawa-Center and the official opposition critic for foreign affairs, visited The Element to discuss current international affairs. Some of the countries he discussed were Iraq, Ukraine, Hong Kong and the Republic of Congo. Mr. Dewar also touched upon the nature of […]