The 2017 Odyssey Trip

Each e1 school year begins with a guided ‘odyssey’ trip, a trip that takes the e1 community away from the school and out onto the land for nine days. On the ‘Northern Lights’ odyssey trip, students leave on the first day of school, and travel by bus, train and canoe to the Native Cree community of Moosonee/Moose Factory on James Bay. Each year has a different odyssey trip so that the experience is new for returning as well as new students.

Each Odyssey adventure sets the tone for what is to come in the classroom, and is a key learning and bonding experience that students cherish for a lifetime.

The Odyssey trips allow students to physically and mentally challenge themselves, in a safe way, as they bond together as the e1 community rather than separately as Grade 7 and 8s. Through concrete experience the trips introduce students to the physical geography that forms our land, the experiences of those who lived, explored and developed our country, and the reality of life for Canadians in different communities than their own. The Odyssey trip informs and animates the academics throughout the year once the students return to the classroom.

Check out this years video here:

Odyssey Video 2017 from Element High School on Vimeo.