A Sample Odyssey Update from September, 2016

The Odyssey Trip Update, September 9, 2016

Our e1 community is celebrating an accomplished day, ending the early evening with a swim and dinner over the campfire!

This morning was our earliest wake-up, pack-up and go day, as our students and their guides recognized that yesterday’s rain did delay the plan by about two hours. However, our active and engaged students took the challenge of yesterday and moved quickly on their own accord, paddling to their next destination; a beautiful stopping point with a sandy beach and a place to enjoy lunch. The meal was chicken caesar wraps, heartily enjoyed by our students and faculty. Our students’ canoeing skills have improved steadily during their Odyssey adventure, and the group pushed off to their next destination and campground for this evening.

Portaging across various types of terrain was planned in order to get to the destination this evening, and Matt, a guide with MHO, shared his knowledge of the area and wisdom to create a safe environment through which our students could portage. Moreover, he helped them to recognize potentially risky walking paths, and led them to safe ground, while always communicating to personalize the journey for students.

The portage was rigorous, successful and seamless, with our students arriving at their campground at approximately 4:30 p.m. Matt shared with them how to wash themselves in an environmentally conscious manner and, after doing so, swimming and enjoying the water took place before dinner.

Dinner this evening was still to be communicated to faculty and our students, but I am sure that it was delicious.

During my conversation with the faculty this evening, she shared with me how wonderful it is to observe new friendships being formed, and bonds created. The purpose of the Odyssey trip is to do just that; to create an opportunity for the students and faculty to witness the best in one another – grit, joy, a sense of accomplishment, overcoming fear, supporting and celebrating together. As they work together for this extended period of time, understanding of self and others is truly a unique and important passage for our adolescent students.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me if I can be of further assistance or support. I will be in contact with you tomorrow, as I receive more news from our e1 family.


Gregory Dixon, School Director