French at The Element

Students at The Element have a scheduled French class three times a week, where they explore the current humanities theme in French while simultaneously learning vocabulary and grammar. For example, this year, while students were studying Asia in humanities, grade 7 and 8 students explored Asian UNESCO World Heritages sites in French. The Asian theme was also incorporated into French readings, dictees, grammar and projects.

Here’s a visual look of a couple things that the students have experienced in French class this term:

Grade 9 students analyzed different First Nations art in French. They looked at many different art work and discussed the style, colour, shape and texture in French. After analyzing many different pieces in print, students ventured to the National Art Gallery to analyze original First Nations art. Students were expected to speak French during this field trip

During the Early Explorers session, students studied the well known song “La chasse-galerie” by French Canadian legend, Claude Dubois. In the above picture, students were listening to the song, and organizing the French lyrics in the correct order. Students also compared the lyrics to the well known legend that tells a different version of the story.

reading manga

Students at a French restaurant

To conclude the Asian study, grade 9 students visited a Vietnamese restaurant, where everything was in French. Students read the French menu, ordered in French, and spoke French throughout the meal. In addition to practising their French, the field trip gave students first hand experience of French as a working language.

French at The Element is also an integrated part of the programs. The French teacher will cook with the students, attend community meetings, and grocery shop with the students while communicating only in French.