The Entrepreneurship Program

Making jam








The Entrepreneurship Program is underway with six different businesses being developed. Of the six businesses, half of them were established last year and the other half are pursuing new ventures. The established businesses include woodworking, canning and baking while the new businesses are 3D printing, candles and jewelry.

In order to make our Entrepreneurship Program even more realistic, we have decided to test our goods on the ‘open market’.

In this case, the market we have chosen is the Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Craft Show. This craft show will be taking place on Sunday November 29th from 10-4 pm at The Firehall (260 Sunnyside Ave). Having to sell their products in a competitive environment will not only necessitate the production of high quality goods, it will also require our students to think about how they differentiate their products from other vendors, and how they will present and label their goods. This will be a neat opportunity for our students to see how their products compare to local artisans.