Science and engineering workshop

Students testing thier over-engineered device

Last week, The Element hosted students from OMS Montessori, Parkdale Montessori and Glebe Montessori at their campus for an afternoon. After a brief presentation on their Odyssey trip, students at The Element prepared a spaghetti dinner for their guests to enjoy.








Students mingled with each other over lunch, before heading out to Lansdowne Park for recess.








After recess, students participated in a science and engineering workshop, where under the leadership of an Element student, students created a deliberately over-engineered device that performed a simple task in a complicated fashion. Students were broken into groups of 5 or 6 students, and were assigned one of five simple tasks: to pop a balloon, hammer a nail, sharpen a pencil, crush a can or erase a whiteboard.

DSC_0064Students work on their simple machine







Throughout the workshop students analyzed their devices and used their understanding of simple machines, forces and mechanical advantage to modify and improve their designs. At the end of the workshop, students put their devices to the test in front of their peers!