Harvesting for the Ottawa Food Bank


At the end April, students from The Element took the city bus to the Ottawa Food Bank to volunteer in their warehouse for the afternoon. Jason, the Food Bank’s Community Harvest Co-ordinator, showed the students how to cut potatoes into “seeds” that can be planted.

Some students sorted potatoes into crates based on their size, while others cut the potatoes.

The Food Bank’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, Jo-Anne, gave us a short tour of the warehouse and explained where the Food Bank gets its food and how it is distributed.

A week later, students went to Black’s Family Farm to plant the same potatoes that we cut. The students spent the day at the farm spontaneously playing word games while planting (Students would pick a topic and say a word relevant to that topic and then the next student had to say a new word that started with the last letter of the first word).

For more pictures from the two fieldtrips, visit our facebook page: facebook.com/TheElement