Paul Dewar Speaks Foreign Affairs

MP Paul Dewar talks about child soldiers extracting coltan from the Congo.

MP Paul Dewar talked to The Element about current foreign affair issues and solutions, such as child soldiers extracting coltan from the Congo and how Canada should encourage safe removal of natural resources.















Paul Dewar, MP of Ottawa-Center and the official opposition critic for foreign affairs, visited The Element to discuss current international affairs. Some of the countries he discussed were Iraq, Ukraine, Hong Kong and the Republic of Congo. Mr. Dewar also touched upon the nature of his work and his travels to many different countries.

This prominent guest speaker was planned as a part of the “Canada and the World” session of study at The Element. During this six-week session,  students are looking at Canada’s foreign affairs policy and are exploring our nation’s role internationally through an examination of its natural resources, trade and foreign affairs issues.

Students were very engaged in Mr. Dewar’s presentation. During the 15 minute Q&A, students asked Mr. Dewar many investigative and challenging questions, such as: What has Canada done to support the Congo? (Not enough) What has Canada done to support Haiti? (Financial aid, but again, not enough) What is the most difficult issue you’ve dealt with? (Iraq) How many bills have you presented to parliament and how many have been passed? (Presented about 25 but only one has been passed)

Other students where interested in the logistics of his line of work, and inquired about things such as how many languages they needed to know to have his job (as many as possible).

Mr. Dewar left the class with a proverb, which he said he believes is the solution when working in foreign affairs: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Mr. Dewar will be the school’s MP when we move to Lansdowne in September.