Business at The Element

IMG_4025Why work at Tim Horton’s all summer when you can get money from the government of Ontario to use towards the business of your choice? This is the question students were asked last week when Nader, founder of Young Stars Soccer Academy, a not-for-profit organization offering elite soccer training for beginners, visited the business class at The Element.

Two years ago Nader received $3000 to start his own business as a part of the Government of Ontario’s Summer Company program.  Nader continues to build his business and believes that “you’re either building your dream or helping someone else build theirs.” The Summer Company program gives students start-up money to build a summer business and Invest Ottawa provides advice and mentorship from local business leaders to help ensure the business is a success. Nadar’s visit to The Element fell shortly before students submitted their business plans for our Micro-Economies program. This year eight businesses are being developed and students are responsible for all aspects of their businesses, from accounting, to marketing, to the creation of products. This year, our student businesses are Jesse Pies (pies and loafs), Elemental Workshop (woodworking), Happy Tails (after school programs), Just Jars (canning), ASA (t-shirts and crafts), BB Bake (baked goods and chocolate), ESS (events) and Smoothies.