Odyssey Trip Highlights

By Robyn McGowan, Grade 8 Student at The Element 

The Odyssey Trip is a great experience for anyone, it is a great way to create new friendships and team building. In 2013 I went on my first Odyssey Trip, and I made new friends. This year, 2014, I accomplished many new things: I sterned everyday, and I carried a couple of canoes for the first time. During the Odyssey you are push to your hardest and by doing this you can accomplish more than you ever thought you could. This year in the Mattawa River there were many portages and a few students volunteered to carry a canoe, however for those who didn’t portage a canoe they did accomplish many different things like sterning for the first time, or carrying a heavy barrel. In the end it is a great experience that I would encourage anyone if they could do it.

For pictures from The Odyssey trip, visit OMS Montessori’s facebook page (The Element is an extrension of OMS Montessori): facebook.com/omsmontessori

A student-made video on The Odyssey trip will be posted on our website next week. Stay tuned!