Micro-Economies Profit: $2400

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The students were responsible for creating and running a business in groups of 4-7, and as the year comes to a close, The Element micro-economies have over $2400 profit to show for their hard work. The students had the choice of what they would like to do with this profit.  They decided the money would be spent in three different ways: A third of it was spent on a formal dinner for the class at Arrow and Loon, as a way to celebrate their efforts throughout the year (see photos above), about a third of the profit was put back into the micro-economies program for next year, and about a third of the money was donated to the Weeneebayko General Hospital (see photos below). Students saw the hospital as part of their tour of the Cree Native Reserve on their Odyssey trip down the Moose River in September.



The Element students all tuned in as Director, Matt, went online to make the $700 donation to Weeneebayko General Hospital.

The students were responsible for all aspects of their businesses. There were two baking businesses, an event business, a craft business, a smoothie business and a popcorn business.