Physical Education

The Physical Education Program

The Physical Education Program at The Element is focused on adolescents’ interests and includes a range of individual, team and competitive activities. The guiding principles of the physical education program at The Element are:
• Development of the individual student’s fitness level
• Skill development
• Instruction by experts and professionals
• Exposure to a variety of sports and activities
• Competition
• Student input

The program is comprised of a variety of units each with their own focus.  During each unit, students have the opportunity to learn and hone a variety of skills and techniques in regards to a specific sport or activity. In addition to classes taught in or around The Element’s campus, students often learn from experts or professionals in the specific field. For example, during the “badminton unit”, Kenny Yuen, the Head Coach for the University of Ottawa Badminton Team and practising athlete sponsored by Adidas, came to teach our students some of the technical aspects of the sport.

The Great Lawn and the Aberdeen Pavilion are excellent and picturesque venues for our Spring and and Fall activities, including badminton, soccer and ultimate frisbee. During the winter, students participate in a personal fitness unit. The personal fitness unit involves working with a certified personal trainer at Glebe Fitness, dance instructor and trainer at KV Dance Studio and a yoga instructor.  The students, with the guidance of professionals, are tasked to develop their own personal fitness plan, dance, yoga and personal training expose our students to a variety of means of reaching their personal fitness goals. In addition to these units, we run clubs and teams based on student interests. Students at The Element are also eligible to participate in OISAA (Ottawa Independent School Athletic Association) tournaments.

The Element also encourages daily activity and being in Lansdowne Park provides many opportunities to be physically active throughout the day. Students often use the skateboard park, basketball courts, skating rink (and canal) and toboggan hill during their daily lunchtime recess.

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