School Director Becomes Chair of CCMA Board

Pat Gere, School Director at OMS Montessori, is now Chair of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA), after sitting on the Board for the past four years. Pat, with CCMA, are in communication with the Ministry of Education, Early Childhood branch, to address Bill 10. CCMA is committed to working with the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure the health and safety of children as well as the ability of parents to choose globally recognized, quality Montessori programs in Ontario. Pat is also an accreditation consultant for CCMA.

In addition to her involvement with CCMA, Pat is an active member of the Education community at large. She regularly gets asked to speak at various Conferences or Institutes. She was recently a guest lecturer at a Mathematics Education class at the University of Ottawa. She also recently gave a joint presentation with Element teacher, Sarah Wheeler, on Developing Montessori Adolescent Curriculum at the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers (CAMT) Fall Conference. Pat’s involvement with CCMA and the education community at large is one means to ensure OMS Montessori is always in the know of current happenings and research. The Element, an extension of OMS Montessori, truly is a leader in education.